BBA, B.COM & MBA Coaching Home Tutors & Online Tuition

About the Course

The Program consists of completing the syllabus of a particular/ various subjects laid in the course curriculum of various Colleges/Universities to which the particular course is affiliated.

Coaching, Home tutors Online tuition, Project report & Assignment solutions is available for all the subjects of BBA, B.Com & MBA from various Indian & foreign colleges and universities such as Delhi University, Amity University, SMU, PTU, UPTU, IPU, MTU, MDU, Jamia, IGNOU, CCSU, SHARDA University, Manav Rachna University, Christ University, Pune University, Mumbai University, London Open University, Geneva Business School, University of Montreal, University of Auckland, Perth University, Bath University etc. 

The course curriculum of tutoring classes strictly adhere the syllabus and guidelines laid down by various colleges & universities. The course ensures over all development of the students in terms of understanding of theoretical concepts and its practical implication in corporate field.

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Objective of the Course

  • To inculcate theoretical knowledge and practical application of various concepts of the subject/s being taught.
  • To enable the students to have command over the subjects being studied.
  • To get best result in the semester/trimester exams.
  • To ensure over all development of the students.

Duration of the Course

Regular Course – 2 to 3 months.

Crash Course – 1 month.

Total teaching hours remain almost same in both the courses.

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology follows a series of ongoing steps:-

1. Introducing the basic concepts of the related topics of the subject.

2. In Depth analysis and explanation of various topics of the subject.

3. Practical problems Analysis and their Interpretation.

4. Unit wise Tests to know the understanding of the students on the subject.

5. Re explanation of the topics which has not been clearly understood by the students.

6. Re tests are conducted and the process goes on.

Why RBL Academy for BBA, B.COM & MBA Coaching, Home Tutors, Online Tuition

1. Coaching for all subjects at one place under one roof.

2. Well qualified and highly experienced faculties.

3. Focus on concept building and practical application of the same. The motive is to eliminate the problematic areas of the students through fundamental concepts building and resolving the queries there on.

4. Study notes for all the subjects.

5. Sample papers for all the subjects.

6. Timely completion of the course syllabus.

7. All efforts are made to satisfy the requirements of the students.

8. Career guidance & career counseling sessions conducted by industry experts.

9. Continuous evaluation of the students through Unit wise tests to find out the probable weak areas and bridge the same.

10. Group discussions and debate sessions on current affairs on regular intervals.

11. Regular Interaction with Industry experts on regular intervals.

12. Internship & Job Assistance.

13. Projects & Assignments help.

14. Extra classes for discussion on general awareness & other current topics.

15. Personality Development classes organized on regular intervals.

16. Debates and group discussion classes organized on regular intervals.

17. Primary focus on eliminating the problematic areas of the students through fundamental concepts building and resolving the queries there on.