Class XI & XII Commerce

Class XI & XII Accounts, Business Studies, Economics Coaching, Home Tutors & Online Tuition

About the Course

The course curriculum includes completion of syllabus of various subjects such as Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, English, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Maths and other subjects as per CBSE guidelines. Regular chapter wise tests are conducted to check the compatibility of the students in the subjects and train them to have command on the subjects being taught. As per CBSE norms, the students have to select subjects out of various options laid down by CBSE Curriculum. Students can take tutoring classes for as many subjects as they want. There is no compulsion to take tutoring classes for all five subjects. However, it is advised by us to take classes for all subjects. It enhances the chance of scoring highest marks in all the subjects.

Getting good marks in class 12 is not enough to get selected in one of the best colleges of reputed universities and other institutions. It is very important to get best tuition either private tuition, online tuition, home tuition or coaching classes for various subjects of Class 11 and 12 such as Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Maths, Sociology,  Psychology and other subjects with the main motive to score close to 100 % marks in order to get selected in reputed colleges and universities. With this objective in mind to get enrolled our commerce students in best colleges of the country such as SRCC, LSRC and other top ten colleges, we offer accounts home tuition, accounts private tuition, accounts online tuition, accounts coaching, economics home tuition, economics private tuition, economics online tuition, economics coaching, Business studies home tuition, Business studies private tuition, Business studies online tuition, Business studies coaching and match coaching classes and home tuition in Noida, Indirapuram, Crossing Republic and nearby localities under the guidance of expert tutors and teachers having minimum experience of 10 years. It is very important for students to get themselves enrolled for accounts home tuition or coaching classes, business studies coaching classes and home tuition and economics home tuition and coaching classes to achieve target of getting selected into best colleges on merit basis.

Objective of the Course

  • To prepare the students for school tests and CBSE Board Exam
  • To enable them to have command over the subjects being taught.
  • To get best result in School Annual test & in CBSE Class XII Board Exam.

Duration of the Course

Regular Course – 1 Year

Crash Course – 3 to 4 months.

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is divided into series of ongoing steps:

1. Understanding the psychology of the students regarding the subjects.

2. Identifying the problematic areas of the students in different subjects.

3. Explaining the fundamental concepts and practical application of those concepts.

4. Training, guiding, directing & motivating the students to have command over their problematic areas.

5. Continuously evaluating the students through conducting various tests.

6. Rewarding the students for their continuous improvement in their performance.

7. And the process continues till the end of the course curriculum.

Why RBL Academy for Class XI & XII Accounts, Business Studies, Economics Coaching, Home Tutors & Online Tuition

1. Systematic & Scientific way of teaching.

2. Proficient & well qualified faculties enriched with huge teaching experience.

3. Primary focus on eliminating the problematic areas of the students through fundamental concepts building and resolving the queries there on.

4. Completion of course 3 months before the Board exams.

5. Remaining three months period is used for conducting mock tests on different subjects so that the gaps can be bridged and our students can get the best results.

6. Regular counseling session with the students to resolve the problems they are facing.

7. Continuous evaluation through award winning tests.

8. Chapter wise study notes to have complete understanding of various topics.

9. Chapter wise tests are conducted to find out the areas in which our students are still not confident to resolve the same.

10. The objective of taking test is not to give them marks but to evaluate weak portion and prepare them again so that they have overall command and confidence in that area.

11. Extra classes are conducted for discussion on general awareness & other current topics.

12. Personality Development classes organized on regular intervals.

13. Debates and group discussion classes organized on regular intervals.

14. Parents can meet our teachers as and when required.

15. Continuous improvement report of the student is prepared and the same is discussed with the parents in PTM.